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Pro-invest International Asset Management (Pro-invest Group)

Level 16, 20 Hunter Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
+612 92376900
42 Mitarbeiter (Institutional Business; per 20. Dezember 2019)

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Dr. Sabine Schaffer
Managing Partner
+61 405 014 447

Ronald Barrott
Chief Executive Officer
+61 421 907 716


Pro-invest Group is an investment firm established by industry veterans who have been active in the Private Equity Real Estate space for more than two decades. With close to AUD 2 billion assets under management, we specialise in Private Equity Real Estate, Private Debt as well as Real Estate Asset Management in multiple asset classes and have become one of the largest hotel investment platforms in Australasia. With more than 35 sector-specific specialists in the Sydney office, we operate as a locally established, integrated private equity real estate business combining active asset management, development and operational capabilities, providing our investors with above industry risk-adjusted returns in the hospitality, commercial and retail space. Our unique structure ensures full control of the entire value chain, allowing for effective sustainability management, risk mitigation and return optimisation. With on-the-ground presence in Australia, the Middle East and Europe, we provide unique investment opportunities with attractive risk-adjusted returns to institutional investors and established family offices.

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Erläuterung zu den angegebenen Produkten bzw. Strategien

Pro-invest Australian Hospitality Opportunity LP
Having successfully rolled out Real Estate portfolio in Europe and Middle East in the past, Fund I laid the foundations for the Holiday Inn Express brand’s expansion in ANZ, whereby c.50 prime target areas have been identified. The Fund is a widely held Managed Investment Scheme, allowing for a final withholding tax rate of 15%. Fund I holds 8 hotels (c.2,000 rooms), being rolled out under a Master Development Agreement with IHG.

Pro-invest Australian Hospitality Opportunity II LP
Fund II builds onto Fund I’s portfolio, leveraging its Master Development agreements, focusing on growing the select service hotel footprint in ANZ and continuing to position the Holiday Inn Express brand as the market leader in ANZ’s upper midscale select service and lifestyle space.

Pro-invest Melbourne Hospitality Opportunity LP
Melbourne Co-investment comprises a 50% investment into 2 strategically located Melbourne hotel assets. Primary objectives of the Co-investment are to develop, own and operate the 2 Holiday Inn Expressbranded hotels in the Melbourne CBD and Melbourne Southbank region.

Managed accounts for Commercial & Hospitality assets
Pro-invest offers services which encompass the complete lifecycle of both single asset and portfolio investments, providing a unique ‘one-stop-shop’ approach, resulting in a cohesive and strategic response to clients’ real estate objectives. Services are tailored to specific investments and provide flexibility around debt as well as equity exposure.

Erläuterungen zu Research/Investmentprozess

Whether in Australia or the international market, Proinvest unlocks investment opportunities through deep knowledge of operations, industry expertise and access to an extensive network. Pro-invest takes a pro-active asset management approach, creating significant value-add while de-risking opportunistic investment through a rigorous and disciplined selection process keeping clear exit scenarios in mind. Pro-invest always assess the highs and best use: Asset by asset, strategy by strategy resulting in industry-leading returns.

Pro-invest, reinforced by a team with decades of experience in international markets across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, built a strong organisational culture of pro-active management supporting alternative asset classes that has the ability to outperform traditional equities and fixed income securities on a risk-adjusted basis over the long-term. Focusing on investments in real assets offering attractive running yields combined with an upside potential upon exit, we provide our investors with a stable income while offering downside protection through tangible value creation.

Welche Rolle spielen ESG-Ansätze und -Faktoren in den Investmentansätzen?

In line with strategic objectives, Pro-invest is dedicated to optimising the financial and social returns of its hotel investment portfolio for its investors through a focus on ESG. Pro-invest enhances its investments via yield accretive ESG initiatives and mitigates resource price volatility on its funds’ returns by striving to reduce consumption. Further, Pro-invest has an integrated ESG approach throughout its business and believes ESG to be a growing area of importance to several stakeholders. Pro-invest is a committed GRESB member, targeting a y-o-y score improvement as we seek to continuously progress along a comprehensive set of ESG agendas with the assistance of industry-leading partners such as the Australian Government Clean Energy Finance Corporation.