Marriott Hotel Zürich, 
Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2018




 8.15 Uhr Breakfast & Networking  
 8.55 Uhr Introduction & Overview
Frank Schnattinger, IPE Institutional Investment
 9.00 Uhr De-bugging Smart Beta: Experience Matters
This presentation will highlight common issues encountered by investors and provide solutions that Northern Trust Asset Management has developed over 20+ years managing factor-based strategies.
  • From appointment to disappointment: Lessons learnt from early adopters of smart beta
  • Alleviating common challenges: Applying a considered approach to portfolio construction and implementation
  • Aligning expectations and reality: Avoiding unintended risks; finding factor efficiency
  Presented by Andrew Knell, Senior Investment Strategist, Northern Trust  
 9.30 Uhr Factor investing: Avoiding the pitfalls, capturing the full potential
Using a comprehensive database of more than 200 granular sub-factors and 17 years of data and experience, Deutsche Asset Management will look into some of the most important pitfalls of factor investing and how to potentially avoid them. Topics covered will include:
  • Factor definitions: How to avoid ambiguous or even arbitrary definitions
  • Factor yields versus factor returns: Making the right structural assumptions
  • Building your factor portfolio: Diversification versus conviction, integration versus combination
  • Factor selection and factor allocation: Static versus dynamic
  • Estimation and model design: Addressing non-stationarity and structural breaks
  • Addressing and managing transaction costs
  Presented by Ferdinand Haas, Head of Investment Specialists EMEA and APAC , Head of Product Strategy, DWS  
10.00 Uhr Coffee & Networking  
10.30 Uhr Opportunities within Smart Beta: Understanding methodologies and assessing the impact on investment outcomes
Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Quantitative Equities expert will discuss the various Smart Beta methodologies that exist and how these impact investment outcomes. He will cover a broad range of topics including:
  • Evaluating the impact of using optimisation techniques: Capturing behavioural and structural mispricings and diversification opportunities
  • Multifactor vs. single factor approaches: Evaluating methods to minimise the timing risk of each factor
  • Exploring the effect of more concentrated vs more diversified Smart Beta methodologies
  • Frequency of rebalancing: Selecting the optimum time to implement a rules based methodology and understanding the impact on a portfolio’s investment themes and allocation
  • Integrating ESG in smart beta methodologies: Assessing benefits, challenges and approaches
  Presented by David Wickham, Senior Investment Specialist, Aberdeen Standard Investments  
11.00 Uhr Factor Investing in Practice: Efficient Implementation of Risk Premia Strategies
  • Why is factor investing becoming more and more popular: a different reading of the active vs. passive debate
  • The first (but not the toughest) challenge for investors: where does multifactor strategy sits in an institutional portfolio? Core/Strategic vs. Satellite/Tactical
  • Not everything that is backed by thick academic literature works: the cost of trading! Factor portfolios tend to have a large turnover and that is not suitable for each market. What an investor should watch out for! And here we mention the cost of front running
  • Our experience and how we tailor our offering to client needs: case for factor investing in Swiss equities
  Presented by Andrea Nardo, Head of Quant, Partner, Portfolio Manager - Sarasin Quant Solutions (SQS)  
11.30 Uhr Discussion panel / roundtable  
  Close by 12.00 am  

Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2018

Marriott Hotel Zürich
Neumühlequai 42, 8006 Zürich

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Asset Management Guide 2018

In der mittlerweile 11. Auflage bleibt der IPE Institutional Investment Asset Management Guide 2018 das Maß aller Dinge bei der Suche institutioneller Investoren nach Investmentmanager-Informationen. Auf 180 Seiten bietet das Nachschlagewerk umfangreiche Informationen zu knapp 80 institutionellen Playern im deutschsprachigen Markt. 

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Jahrbuch Asset Management 2017

Im zwölften Jahrgang beschäftigt sich das Jahrbuch Asset Management von IPE Institutional Investment auf rund 120 Seiten unter dem Titel „Quo vadis, Europa?“ mit dem aktuellen Investmentumfeld für institutionelle Anleger im derzeitigen Zinsumfeld und der aktuellen politischen Spannungen und zeigt Optionen auf, die Asset Allokation den aktuellen Gegebenheiten anzupassen.

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Investorenstudie 2017

Topaktuelle Informationen zum institutionellen Markt 2017 gibt unsere neue Investorenstudie. Über den Link erfahren Sie mehr über den Inhalt und können die Studie bestellen.

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